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Fashion Model Portrait

The other day, I set up a fashion shoot in my studio. I’ve decided to style the background loosely to add visual interest instead of using seamless paper this time. I will definitely pursue background styling more often in the near future, so keep an eye out for more experimentation :)

Here’s a favourite shot from the session below!

Fashion Toronto Photographer Model Portfolio Headshots

Anastasia (DULCEDO Models)
Vanessa Garland (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)

Fashion Model Photography

A while ago, we set up a quick session in my studio.
This time I incorporated a subtle red gel from the left side, which added an accent to both the background and the subject. 
Even though it's a rather subtle effect, it still makes a difference in helping everything feel put together, as well as adding some visual interest.

Here's a favourite shot from the shoot.

Much appreciation to my wonderful team this time! ;)

Ava (Anita Noris Models)
Michelle Davis (Stylist @MIYU creatives)
Sherlyn Torress (HMUA)

Fashion Model Portfolio Portrait Headshots Photographer Toronto

Fashion Model Portfolio Photography

I would like to share a studio session I shot recently in which I used colour gels. The colour palette of the shoot was blue and yellow. We showcased these tones both in the clothing, lighting, and props to create consistency.

Here's a favourite shot from the session!

Thank you as always to my amazing teammates:

Dina (Model @ Dulcedo)
Vanessa Garland (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist @ MIYU Creatives)

Fashion Portrait Model Headshots Photography Photographer