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Fashion Photography Model Portrait

My teammates and I met up for another studio session the other day.
This time around, I set up the lighting to emphasize the shadows. All the while I keep things feeling natural with certain flatness I incorporated as opposed to making it punchy and full of contrast (which would give it that “studio look”).
We worked with Elena from Elmer Olsen Models.
She was very smart and super quick to pick up on our our concept, making my job that day fairly easy! I wish her nothing but the best for an awesome modelling career and am hoping she gets lots of great opportunities in the near future.

Here’s one of my favourites from the shoot :)

Toronto Fashion Photographer Commercial Advertising Editorial

Elena @Elmer Olsen Models (Model)
Sherlyn Torres (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)

Fashion editorial photography

Before it gets too cold, we have to take advantage of shooting outside. Our latest editorial was no exception.
Although the whether was cloudy and overcast, it was still bright enough for us to shoot under the right exposure.
Here’s my favourite shot from the day of. As per the editing time, I decided to go for a black & white treatment, focusing on showing as much tonality as possible.

Thank you as always to my great teammates for your time and effort :)

Andrea (Model @Anita Norris Models)
Vanessa Garland (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)

Fashion Editorial Commercial Photographer Toronto Portrait Model Portfolio

Fashion Model Photography

A while ago, we set up a quick session in my studio.
This time I incorporated a subtle red gel from the left side, which added an accent to both the background and the subject. 
Even though it's a rather subtle effect, it still makes a difference in helping everything feel put together, as well as adding some visual interest.

Here's a favourite shot from the shoot.

Much appreciation to my wonderful team this time! ;)

Ava (Anita Noris Models)
Michelle Davis (Stylist @MIYU creatives)
Sherlyn Torress (HMUA)

Fashion Model Portfolio Portrait Headshots Photographer Toronto

Fashion Model Portfolio Photography

I would like to share a studio session I shot recently in which I used colour gels. The colour palette of the shoot was blue and yellow. We showcased these tones both in the clothing, lighting, and props to create consistency.

Here's a favourite shot from the session!

Thank you as always to my amazing teammates:

Dina (Model @ Dulcedo)
Vanessa Garland (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist @ MIYU Creatives)

Fashion Portrait Model Headshots Photography Photographer

Fashion Model Photography

We recently did a fashion editorial shoot that was a mixture of indoors and outdoors on location.
In attempt to take an advantage of the dwindling summer weather, we shot a couple of the looks using natural light.
It was great to get such a pleasing warm tone organically from the sun.
Here's a favourite shot taken at the parking lot near my studio.

Thanks as always to my wonderful team :)

Andrea Haymann (Model @Ciotti Models)
Windy Chiu (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist @MIYU creatives)

Toronto Fashion Model Portrait Photographer Headshots

Film Photography

I recently shot a story collaborating once again with my awesome teammates, Windy Chiu and Michelle Davis. I also had the opportunity to reunite with Shelby Love, a model whom I worked with a couple of years ago.

Here's a closeup from the session where I experimented with developing film by myself for the first time. 

I'm looking forward to blogging and sharing future images I develop!

 Fashion Photographer Modeling Toronto Portrait Photography Beauty

Model: Shelbey Love (Next Models)
HMUA: Windy Chiu
Stylist: Michelle Davis

TBT location shoot with film

I shoot most of my work with a digital camera primarily for ergonomic reasons.
However, what I truly long for is the results one can get from film photography. The degree of tonality I can get is off the charts gorgeous, significantly adding to the realness of the image.

Here's a throwback to last summer's location shoot with the beautiful & very skilled model, Megan @annitanorrismodels, shot in collaboration with my awesome teammates Vanessa and Michelle!

Stylist: Michelle Davis
HMUA: Vanessa Garland

 Toronto Fashion Beauty Portrait Headshots Photographer Commercial Advertising Editorial


This is the result of my experimental session where I tried to make the background more intricate. My goal here was to use recognizable shapes placed organically to add visual interest. I'm not sure If I've achieved the exact feeling I want, but I'm expecting to experiment more in the coming year!

 Toronto Fashion Beauty Portrait Headshots Photographer Commercial Advertising Editorial

Kaitie (Ciotti Models)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)
Vanessa Garland (HMUA)

Red Pepper

Recently we shot an editorial titled "Red Pepper," an exclusive editorial for Design Scene. 
Instead of going for the traditional clean tan skin, this time I experimented with a more raw and organic look. In order to achieve that effect, I tweaked the skin colour to an almost ill-looking state, whereby I added a large amount of grain in the final processing stage. The complete story can be viewed in my gallery. 

Hope you all enjoy this story, and a big shout out to my awesome team mates!
Nadja (Elite Toronto)
Vanessa Garland (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)

 Toronto Fashion Beauty Portrait Headshots Photographer Commercial Advertising Editorial

Sand colour

This time, it was my intention to make the model's skin tone look like the colour of sand by the ocean. I wanted to create a dry and worn out feeling while remaining edgy and fashionable.
I still need to figure out a way to lessen the information in the mid range colour tones so that the image looks more graphical. Nevertheless, I am grateful to have been able to try out this new method thanks to great team work by Sher (MUA), Uno (Hair), and Michelle (Stylist).

 Toronto Fashion Beauty Portrait Headshots Photographer Commercial Advertising Editorial