Modeling Portfolio

We recently had a session with Aicha (Elite Toronto) who was a very intelligent, and professional girl to work with. She was quick in grasping our concept immediately; I hope she has plenty of success in her career!

This time I set up the lighting a bit more low key in order to create a subtle hazy feeling.
I hope to deepen my experiments with underexposed portraits in the future.

Thank you as always to my awesome teammates!

Michelle Davis (Stylist)
Sherlyn Torres (HMUA)
Aicha (Model/Elite Toronto)

toronto fashion photographer modeling portfolio portrait

Fashion Beauty Portrait Photography

We recently shot a beauty story themed "nude on nude". We used a brown monotone scheme as our color palette and tried to create a calm and mellow feeling.
I shot the following on 35mm lens.

Thanks as always for my great team mates :)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)
Sherlyn Torres (HMUA)
Emily Tousignant (Anita Norris Models)

Fashion Photographer Portrait Headshots Modeling Portfolio

Fashion Portrait Photography

The other day I had a photoshoot with Jo Creet (Chantale Nadeau models). We shot 4 looks in my studio and then moved onto the location for another 3 looks. There were lots of interesting discarded material surrounding the area to work with such as broken glass, rocks, bricks, and scrap pieces of wood. There was definite potential to even shoot another story there sometime in the future. 

Here's an image taken on location shot with film.
Thanks again to my awesome teammates for your time and hard work!  

Vanessa Garland (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)

Fashion Photographer Toronto Portrait commercial advertising

Beauty Portrait Photography

I would like to share a recent beauty story where we played around with the theme of "Galaxy".  We opted for airy and spacey elements such as fluffy hair and subtle, but pigmented shimmer. 

Please visit my gallery to view the rest from the story!

 Fashion Photographer Beauty Photography Toronto

Emma Vancoughnett (Next Models)
Windy Chiu (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)

Fashion Portrait Photoshoot

Here's the shot from our recent studio session with Emi from Chantale Nadeau.
This was only her second photoshoot, however she took guidance really well and the session went smoothly!
This is a shot from the shoot taken on a Kodak Porta 160 film.

 Fashion Photographer Toronto Portrait Beauty

Emi (Chantale Nadeau)
Sherlyn Torres (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)

Fashion Model Portrait

This post I would like to share an image from a recent test session with Sarah, an awesome upcoming new face from Anita Norris Models.

We used up 2 rolls of films for close up shots and here's the result of the development.

Thank you as always to my awesome teammates for collaborating on this shoot :)

 Toronto Fashion Photographer Model Portrait Film

Sarah Gowanlock (Anita Norris Models)
Vanessa Garland (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)

Film Photography

I recently shot a story collaborating once again with my awesome teammates, Windy Chiu and Michelle Davis. I also had the opportunity to reunite with Shelby Love, a model whom I worked with a couple of years ago.

Here's a closeup from the session where I experimented with developing film by myself for the first time. 

I'm looking forward to blogging and sharing future images I develop!

 Fashion Photographer Modeling Toronto Portrait Photography Beauty

Model: Shelbey Love (Next Models)
HMUA: Windy Chiu
Stylist: Michelle Davis

Stylizing the background

This session I played around with the background by adding various shapely objects and lines in attempt to make the graphics stronger. As I mentioned a few blog posts back, last year I didn't focus much on the background of my photos, which is why I've been recently prioritizing set styling.

Thank you to my lovely teammates for making this photoshoot happen!

Danielle @ Anita Norris Models (Model)
Vanessa Garland (HMUA)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)  

 Toronto Fashion Beauty Portrait Headshots Photographer Commercial Advertising Editorial

TBT location shoot with film

I shoot most of my work with a digital camera primarily for ergonomic reasons.
However, what I truly long for is the results one can get from film photography. The degree of tonality I can get is off the charts gorgeous, significantly adding to the realness of the image.

Here's a throwback to last summer's location shoot with the beautiful & very skilled model, Megan @annitanorrismodels, shot in collaboration with my awesome teammates Vanessa and Michelle!

Stylist: Michelle Davis
HMUA: Vanessa Garland

 Toronto Fashion Beauty Portrait Headshots Photographer Commercial Advertising Editorial


This is the result of my experimental session where I tried to make the background more intricate. My goal here was to use recognizable shapes placed organically to add visual interest. I'm not sure If I've achieved the exact feeling I want, but I'm expecting to experiment more in the coming year!

 Toronto Fashion Beauty Portrait Headshots Photographer Commercial Advertising Editorial

Kaitie (Ciotti Models)
Michelle Davis (Stylist)
Vanessa Garland (HMUA)